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How to buy office chairs, office chairs, buying skills

Comfortable office chairs are essential in the purchase of office furniture. A good chair should be adjusted freely, and the maximum comfort can be achieved by adjusting the backrest, the chair surface and the armrests. Although these seats are expensive, they are good value for money.
When buying an office chair, you are advised to sit down and feel it and try to debug all the adjustable parts. When you sit down, feet should be free to put on the ground, arms can also relax fully. In addition, the joy should pay attention to the back of the waist support is satisfactory, a shorter armrest can let the seat closer to the desk, so in choosing the seat, might as well find a desk try.
An office chair with an elastic cushion is very comfortable, but avoid cushion too soft. In contrast, the high density foam material is more durable, leather covering of fine leather wear, but also will be satisfied with your place. At present, more is the five angle fork wheel instead of the past four angle fork wheel, the use of more solid. Choose a chair with a free and unfettered machine, you can adjust the angle, sit down will feel more comfortable.
There are many styles of office chairs, and they are more free to use. As long as they are used correctly, the same office chair can play different functions in different spaces. However, compared with the study in the restaurant or the chair in the office environment, users need to decide, but the purchase should pay attention to the following aspects:
1. depth of office chair
On a more formal occasion, people sit in a relatively upright position. While sitting posture should be correct, you need to sit in front of the chair “shallower” position. If at home, people will be more relaxed, this situation can not be done more deeply. Therefore, when buying, you should sit first and try to feel the depth of the whole body when you are seated, so you can know whether it meets the needs of the office.
Shanghai open office furniture factory is Shanghai specializing in the production of office chairs manufacturers, a professional design team, designed for the vast number of customers comfortable, beautiful and generous office chair.

Boss desk placed Feng Shui, the boss desk which side is appropriate?

[desk placed Feng Shui] boss desk placed Feng Shui boss desk, which side is appropriate?
Office feng shui furnishings are very exquisite, in front of the boss’s office to keep open spaces. The so-called feng shui office furnishings, it is for the whole space to a harmonious atmosphere, whether it is outside the field or in the gas field, Feng Shui adjustment should be in line with the spirit of people-oriented principle. Reach a layout of people and places.
I. location of the Office
The boss is the head of the family, such as a king, we can put his office arrangements of the northwest in the king, let him have the Harbourside, dominate the big ambitions. This position should be white and gold ornaments to decorate, the square is good, do not put some bottles and dirty items here.
1. The location of the boss’s office. A room because of the relationship between the seat, will form a different location, regional division. A person, a God, a demon. As the name suggests, the boss office must be located in the elegant room position, so as to get a little help, service, management, production management smoothly; subordinates have the dignity, get uts.
2, the boss’s office is very particular about the size. Boss office size should account for the company’s overall area of 1/4 or 1/5, too large or small should not be appropriate (especially in the writing room, the factory is not listed here). Generally between 15~30 square meters, preferably in the higher floors.
3. The desks and chairs of the boss’s office are displayed. The boss’s office chair is placed in strict demand. First: the chair can not empty behind, must have the wall as the backing. Boss chair by the wall, the correct distance should be about a foot away from the wall, so that the boss chair around rotation, you can achieve the requirements of doing things back and forth more than enough.

How to open the password lock of the file cabinet?

First, the file cabinet password lock features
One of the file cabinets, using electronic locks as locks, belonging to the higher end of the file cabinet. The electronic security cabinet selection of brand-name electronic locks, steel plate thickening, bolt increase bold, electronic anti-theft security cabinet also adopts anti prizing design, effectively guarantee the full storage of important data. Electronic secret cabinet has won a large number of orders from scientific research institutions and military departments because of its high quality, stability, reliability and high safety.
The file cabinet adopts the most advanced high-pressure water washing, pickling, phosphating and spray system with 13 stations, imported automatic spraying equipment, high-grade green powder, ensure product coating is firm, smooth, non-toxic and tasteless, uniform color, resistant to corrosion and strong, durable. The whole welding structure is suitable for domestic trade. The utility model can be made into disassembly and assembly structure, and the packing volume is reduced by 75%. The utility model is suitable for long-distance transportation, and is especially suitable for international trade.
Two, the file cabinet password lock, how to open the password lock, file cabinet forgot password how to do?
1, if you know the password, the password is ab CD ef
First of all, clockwise rotation, the number of turns to more than three laps, for security reasons, the file cabinet password lock program is relatively complex, so that the red pointer on the knob to the first set of password numbers ab.
Then, turn the button counterclockwise, the red pointer pointing to the second set of CD, and then turn counterclockwise, letting the red pointer point to the second group of digits again, cd.
The final step is to turn the knob clockwise, so that the red pointer points to the third set of numbers, EF, and turn the key to open it. As we all know, the opening of the password lock of the file cabinet is very troublesome, and this improves its security. The purpose of using the password lock of the file cabinet is to save the present things without being stolen by others. So choosing this is the right thing to do.
2, if you forget the password. You need to find professionals to help you open, this must have a certain identity before opening. This is also a criterion to ensure the security of customer information.

National standard size of office furniture

High table and dining is not complete, it is uncomfortable; the desk chair is too high, too low, pose will make people rest, shorten the distance in the course of time, easy to cause deformation and curvature of the spine in myopic eyes. To this end, the daily use of furniture must be in line with standards.
As for the height of desks and chairs, the state has established standards. Among them, table furniture height size standards can be 700mm, 720mm, 740mm, 760mm four specifications; chairs, stools, furniture seating height can be 400mm, 420mm, 440mm three specifications. In addition, it also specifies the standard size of table and chair matching, and the height difference between tables and chairs should be controlled within 280 to 320mm range.
The correct height of the table and chair should allow the person to sit in two basic vertical positions: first, when the feet are flat on the ground, the thighs and calves can be basically vertical. At this time, the front of the seat can not oppress the lower level of the thigh. Two is when the arms are naturally drooping, the upper arm and the arm are basically vertical, and then the height of the table should be just below the lower arm level plane contact. This allows the person to maintain the correct sitting posture and writing posture.
If the height of desk and chair does not match properly, it will affect the sitting posture of the person directly, and is harmful to the health of the user. Therefore, it also regulates the desk under the table space is not less than 580mm, the space width not less than 520mm, this is to ensure that people in the use of his legs can have enough space.
As for the size of the office sofa, GB stipulates that the width of a single sofa seat should not be less than 480mm, smaller than this size, even if people can barely sit in, it will feel narrow. Seat depth should be in the range of 480 to 600mm, the calf can not be too deep natural droop, calf will be oppressed; too shallow, it will feel impatient. Seat height should be in the range from 360mm to 420mm, too high, like sitting on a chair, feel uncomfortable; too low, sit down, stand up will feel difficult.
The height of the hanging wardrobe category, the national standard stipulates that hanging clothes rod along the top of the cabinet distance from 40mm to 60mm, a big waste of space; small, it can not put the hanger. The distance from the bottom of the hanging rod to the bottom of the cabinet shall not be less than 1350mm, and the coat should not be less than 850mm. The depth of the wardrobe mainly consider the shoulder factors of people, generally 600mm, should not be less than 500mm, otherwise there would be inclined to shut the door.
There are standard on the bookcase, GB plate layer height of not less than 220mm. Less than this size, will not put into the 32 book of ordinary books. Taking into account magazines, photo albums and other specifications larger items, shelf height between the general choice of 300mm to 350mm.

What are the dimensions of office furniture and office furniture?

First, how to classify office furniture?
There are currently on the market for office furniture types, according to their function can be divided into: office furniture, filing cabinets, beds, screen display station and so on; according to the materials can be divided into: Wood (wood) furniture, furniture, leather furniture, cloth art furniture, steel furniture, mixed material of furniture etc..
1, solid wood (whole wood) office furniture
The whole body is made of wood, with only a small amount of some auxiliary materials such as plywood, wood furniture is generally the mortise structure, fixed structure. Currently on the market of solid wood furniture is divided into two kinds, one is the pure solid wood furniture, all timber furniture is solid wood furniture, this kind of art is strong, has the very high collection value; the other is the imitation wood furniture, texture, feel and color of wood and wood furniture look as like as two peas from the appearance. But the office furniture is actually wood and wood-based panel mixed system, the value is also very different than the pure solid wood furniture. Of course, the solid wood furniture also has its disadvantages, such as wood has a certain moisture content, temperature, humidity, etc. when the external environment changes, water content also changed, which leads to the deformation of furniture.
2, panel furniture
The main parts are made of surface decorated artificial boards, plywood, particleboard, blockboard, MDF and so on, and a few products are made of solid wood. Because of the shortage of wood resources in our country, the panel furniture is the mainstream of the market furniture, and the majority of office furniture is disassembly and assembly structure. Panel furniture mainly wood, paper veneer, wood veneer and spray painting three main. With the improvement of living standards, wood veneer is a wood veneer material as trassient as a fleeting cloud, with the environmental performance of their realistic wood grain effect, good and unique mosaic process, to recover the original simplicity of feeling, more and more favored by consumers. There are two kinds of solid wood skin: one is natural solid wood skin, the other is man-made solid wood leather, and people generally accept it as a natural solid wood skin. But in recent years, due to the progress of spray painting technology, painting instead of veneer has become a new highlight of office furniture. If the process is good, each piece of furniture will have the same feel of satin, solid wood of the same texture, it has become a new trend of furniture in the future.

Office furniture office feng shui ornaments configuration list

Many of the sales office furniture company in order to beautiful degree, there are many promotional activities, some even more than the appearance of the utility, the utility of office furniture is reduced, as buyers, must grasp the practicability of this standard.
Saving principle
Combination principle
Public office area furniture list: desk, office chair
Public office areas, where employees work, include office desks and office chairs. In general, working hours are 8 hours or so, a long time to maintain a posture, the body can easily lead to a variety of occupation disease, so buy a desk and office chair must first meet the ergonomic design, comfortable to sit, the second is to height adjustable to accommodate different height groups.
Purchase points: the correct height tables and chairs should make people sit to keep two “vertical”, one is when the feet flat on the ground, thigh and calf can vertical; but when the arms hang down naturally, the upper arm and the small arm vertical. Only when the two basic vertical lines are satisfied can the correct sitting posture and office posture be ensured

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